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23 January 2009 @ 10:20 pm
Fine Art Terms  
1. I will not do free work. Ever. Please don't ask. Like any skilled tradesman, I expect to be paid for my time. I assume you wouldn't demand a caterer to give you free food (at least, I hope not), so please don't expect me to give you free art.

2. I reserve the right to refuse any commission for whatever reason at any time.

3. I do not do pornographic work, and I will not copy someone else's work.

4. I reserve all rights to the artwork. Commissioners may not reproduce and/or sell prints or reproductions of the commissioned piece. It is to hang on your wall, not for you to profit from. If you want rights to the image, you must discuss it with me prior to my beginning work and there will always be an extra fee for reproduction rights. If I see it used for prints, a t-shirt, or reproduced in anyway without my permission, you will be charged this fee.
4a. this also means that I reserve the rights to sell prints of your commission. If, for some reason, you want me to do work for you, but would rather I did not make it available as a print, discuss it with me beforehand.

5. Full payment is expected up front for any and all fine artwork commissions. A full refund is only available if I have not purchased any materials for your piece, or begun work. Once materials are purchased and work has begun, 50% of your payment is non-refundable, so please, if you change your mind, you must let me know right away. The reason for this is that I cannot get back or reuse the materials that have gone into your piece, once they have been used, they are on the canvas and irretrievable, not to mention my time and effort that I cannot get back.

6. I allow up to three changes once the sketching process has begun. Any changes after that will require a fee for each change. The amount of this fee is dependent upon the size of the change, up to and including the full price ($20) of a detailed sketch. If at any time you make a change that requires a complete sketch redraw, the fee is the full price of another sketch ($20). Complete redraws are not included in your 3-change-free rule.

7. Also pertaining to changes, once color has been introduced, changes are very nearly impossible unless your commission is an oil painting. I will do my very best to make sure you are happy with the finished piece, but it is your responsibility to let me know if there is something you are unhappy with during sketching. I cannot fix problems I am not aware of.
7a. if you decide you want big changes after color has already begun and it is not something I can remedy without starting over again, there will be a fee, regardless of whether or not you are within the '3 change rule'. This fee will be dependent upon the amount of work already done, up to and including 100% of the original price.

8. The commissioner is always entitled to their original artwork. That's what I feel like commissions are for, not so I can give you a scan and then have a piece of bristol or canvas hanging around my studio unclaimed. If the commissioned artwork is done digitally, I will send the full size file in .tiff or .png format on a CD along with an 8.5x11 print (no, you can't have the raw psd or ai file unless you pay for them, which will be considerably more, so don't ask).
8a. This does not, however, mean that I will foot the bill for shipping. The commissioner is always responsible for shipping costs if shipping is required. I can send USPS or FedEx, commissioner's choice, and insurance for finished pieces is always recommended, but the commissioner must request and pay for coverage. I will not force you to purchase insurance, but understand that once items are in the mail and you have received your Delivery confirmation or tracking number, I am no longer responsible for them. Protect your investment, purchase insurance!

9. Don't request design work as a fine art commission, there is a difference, and all design work will require a specific, written contract and is often billed on an hourly basis.

10. If you need your fine art commission by a specific date, please inform me up front. It will save us both a lot of grief. Understand that complex art with lots of detail takes time, so it might be best if you don't come to me for a 16x20 oil painting of your pet and expect it to be finished and dry in a month's time. I do work full time so artwork is done during evening hours. Please be realistic in your expectations. If you aren't sure, please ask! I'll be happy to discuss timeframes with you.
10a. For example, if you need an oil painting of your family pet for Christmas and want it on a large canvas, I need to know that in early September, not December 3rd. Quality work takes time.

11. By commissioning me for a fine art piece you agree to these terms and conditions. I promise to do my utmost best to make sure you are happy with your piece and to get it completed in a timely manner. These terms are meant to protect both of us and copies of any chat or correspondence between you and I will also be logged as a record of the transaction. If there are concerns you have that I have not addressed, or other questions, please contact me at webmaster@steel-wolf.com and I will be happy to help you out!